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The Revolutionized Cortijo

With its classic whitewashed walls, vibrant social energy, and local charisma, the Cortijo is the ultimate symbol of Andalusia’s friendly and playful personality. Cortijo is the Spanish word for farmhouse – for centuries, the cortijos housed workers, offered accommodation to visiting owners and provided a safe space to store tools and agricultural products.

Located in the countryside, Cortijos were organized around one or more courtyards, offering residents a communal space to spend time together and celebrate, creating tight-knit communities – each with its unique customs, vibrant traditions, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere. After a day of demanding work in the fields, people would gather around the fire to tell tales, sing, dance and enjoy life.

Later on, the Cortijo became popular amongst writers, directors, and artists, not only as a source of inspiration but also a place to host parties for the bohemian social set.

The Revolutionized Cortijo
Now, we are revolutionizing the Cortijo. Where SO/ Sotogrande stands today, was once the Cortijo de Santa Maria de la Higuera. We are bringing it back with raw materials, edgy art, and unconventional décor; something that is somehow familiar but at the same time refreshing and invigorating: The Revolutionized Cortijo.

SO/ Sotogrande was planned and built around this idea of community and shared enjoyment. From gastronomic experiences intended to bring people together to activities and spaces that encourage team play. All is designed to help you enjoy your time in one of the most sociable countries in the world.


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