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Signature Designer

Dolores Cortés, the embodiment of tradition and innovation. Carrying on her family’s swimwear business, Dolores Cortés has guided the brand into new fashion endeavors.


Being the signature designer of SO/ Sotogrande, Dolores Cortés created the hotel logo, iconic objects and pieces of decoration and the distinctive uniforms worn by our team.

Dolores Cortes SO/ Sotogrande signature designer

Dolores Cortés took inspiration from 3 elements, aiming to create a modern concept based on the three iconic elements of the Andalusian culture and the Revolutionized Cortijo in itself. The carnation and the fan: minimalist lines with cheerful tones to reflect the festive and passionate Andalusian personality. The arch brings the design together, representing the architectural element of the cortijo courtyards.


SO/ Sotogrande logo pictures exactly the carnation, fan and arch, representing the entry gateway to the property. As Dolores herself says, “All designs were carefully created to transmit good energy and exclusivity in every corner of the hotel”.


The various decoration pieces were designed in harmony with the architectural plan, thus acting as a whole to create the unique tone of SO/ Sotogrande. Whether it’s the tile mural at the Spa reception, the breathtaking lamps of our suites or the decoration of MIXO VVIP, Dolores Cortés brings the spaces to life.


The uniforms are striking, bold, creative while also functional and ergonomic. Combining tradition with modernity, the uniforms set the tone of the whole experience at SO/ Sotogrande. Rebel. Unique. Inspired by the traditional ceramics, the lush surrounding nature, the structure and movement of fan, the arches, burlap. All summed up to the colour palette: red, yellow, terracotta, white, green, blue and black.


The overall goal is to project the modern Andalusian lifestyle, spirit and attitude.

Dolores Cortes Signature Designer of SO/ Sotogrande

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