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Wine & Dine

A Spanish restaurant, a golf clubhouse, delicious recipes from the barbeque and an all-day dining concept. Without forgetting tasty snacks and light lunch menus at our bars. The choice of restaurants is as eclectic and fun as the dishes are delicious at SO/ Sotogrande. A stay near or at this revolutionised cortijo hotel wouldn’t be complete without a meal at Cortijo, featuring Andalusian flavours at their finest. Enjoy poolside at MARXA Chiringuito. For tasty snacks and comfort food with views of the Almenara golf course, spend some time at Society. Dine in or al fresco at all times of day and indulge in tasty dishes that will keep you coming back for more. You’ll also find takeaway goodies to Grab & Go.


  • society-clubhouse

    SOCIETY Clubhouse


    Society is the place to enjoy all day, where ingredients are fresh and the views are inspiring. Start the day with some coffee, breathe in the natural surroundings and discover the all-day dining menu. Comfort food...

  • cortijo-santa-maria-1962



    Your experience at The Revolutionized Cortijo wouldn’t be complete without Andalusian cuisine at its finest. Local produce and fresh ingredients merge with Andalusian expertise and passion. Indulge in delicious...

  • ixo-tapas-bar



    Unwind and relax in our IXO TAPAS & BAR whilst savoring artisan cocktails, Spanish tapas, and an extensive selection of regional and international wines. A lively space that promises fun and excitement during your...

  • marxa-chiringuito

    MARXA Chiringuito


    In top destinations around the world, MARXA is the place to be. Here in Sotogrande, MARXA is situated around the pool, chiringuito style. An open-air, wood fired grill permeates the air with the appetising scents of...

  • grab-go

    GRAB & GO


    Grab & Go your favourite snacks between rounds. After your round, enjoy the unique sense of camaraderie at Society. The bond that occurs between fellow golf enthusiasts. That invigorating connection to the...


SO/ Tasty

SO/ Chefs treat guests to a culinary jubilee, creating colorful dishes that burst with local and international flavors. Innovative menus cater to all cravings, from light and healthy options to exquisitely rich desserts.

  • andalusian-flavours-at-their-finest

    Andalusian flavours at their finest


  • tasty-snacks-with-views-of-the-almenara-golf-course

    tasty snacks with views of the Almenara golf course


SO/ Special

Special offers for extra special holidays and unbeatable nights out. Because the sun always seems to shine brighter, the birdsong is always sweeter and the food more flavoursome when you’re getting the very most for your money. Take advantage of our latest promotions on room rates and fantastic dining deals. Check back often to find the best time to start planning your next visit to Sotogrande.

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