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Our stylish guests know a great place to mingle when they see one! With its seven distinctive restaurants and bars SO/ Sotogrande is an epicurean destination, showcasing an unrivaled variety of authentic local and international flavors.

SO/ sees food and wine culture as an essential ingredient to joie de vivre. Temptations start with El Cortijo offering the best of Andalusia's well-kept culinary secrets with its own Pata Negra corner, a seasonal specialty restaurant, wine bodega and show cooking.

Feel the pulse in our “jungle” with innovative and wild cocktails at MIXO Bar. In the summer, don’t miss HI-SO with its delicious recipes from the outdoor woodfired BBQ, as well as the vibrant and trendy pool parties. It’s a fashionable affair, where everybody meets and socializes, being carried away by a variety of cool tunes, from acoustic sets to sassy mixes and live DJ sets.

Don’t forget to stop by the Club House, a perfect place for golfers and anyone looking to recharge batteries, socialize, enjoy a refreshing beverage or grab a quick, healthy bite and local artisan coffee to go.

Feel at ease. Here, you don’t have to ask permission to do and pursue whatever you want.


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